Photo Objects App User Info



Thank you for downloading the Photo Objects app!


We hope you’ll find many great uses for the objects. Here are just a few ideas of some things you can use the photo objects for to help get you started.


- graphic design
- website graphics
- social media avatars, badges or icons
- logos
- photo stickers
- blogs
- html emails or email signature lines
- web advertisements
- digital scrapbooking
- picture collages
- image compositing
- as elements in video animations


…and remember Graphic Designers that you have the rights to Sell The Images
You Create
using the photo objects to your end clients!



Image From Camera Roll


Object Saved To Camera Roll From Photo Objects App


Images Combined Using Pic Collage App


We’ve found some really great photo apps that support layers and background transparency. They work perfectly with the images in the Photo Objects app. Here’s a few of our favorites so far.


- Pic Collage
- ArtStudio
- Xphoto


Each of these can be found in the Apple App Store. Just save a photo object to your camera roll and import the object into one of these apps. From there you can edit, combine with other images, add text, etc. Have fun!