Christmas Graphics with Transparent Backgrounds

christmas graphics


Christmas Graphics

Every year at Christmas time, my wife Wendy and I like to decorate the house for the holidays.  Just as we decorate the house, I also like to decorate our website with Christmas graphics.

I feel that creating a fun, seasonal atmosphere for our customers helps to increase the time each visitor spends on the site and also helps to boost sales and conversions during the holidays.

Plus it’s a lot of fun 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s a struggle to find decent Christmas graphics and Christmas clipart online to decorate with.  Most of the graphics I find are either cartoonish or look like they were designed in the 70’s…yikes! I wanted something a little more hip and current than that for our site.

So this year, I finally solved this problem for myself by creating my own xmas graphics collection!

Introducing my new pack of “Christmas PHOTOgraphics!
christmas graphics with transparent backgrounds


Are They Photos Or Graphics?

They’re BOTH! They’re actual photographs BUT they can be used just like graphics!  I’ve carefully removed the backgrounds of the Christmas objects so each one of these babies has a completely transparent background.

I can drag’em, drop’em and resize them into any design in seconds, anywhere I want to add Christmas graphics.

Guess What? So Can You!

I’ve made this entire collection of Christmas graphics available to you as well!  Now you too can easily decorate your website, blog, logo, Christmas cards and emails with images of the holiday season!  I’m sure you’re gonna love these!


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