Hello, my name is Bryan Mullennix.

Since 1995 I’ve been producing stock photographs and footage for use by clients around the world. It brings me great happiness to create something that is both beautiful and useful to other people in their lives and businesses.  I started in this business back when it consisted of rows of filing cabinets filled with transparencies.  Now I’m excited to offer digital downloads from the coolest place possible, my own eCommerce enabled website!

I have a great family! I married a wonderful woman named Wendy and my son Caleb is one of my favorite people in the whole world. We live out in the country in a small town near Vancouver, Washington.


Some Completely Random Things About Me

  1. I like ketchup on my tacos.
  2. I make homebrew beer. Love the dark porters!
  3. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 goats, 2 chickens and a big tank of saltwater fish.
  4. I once got Shanghaied in Shanghai.
  5. I have a lousy sense of direction but can always tell you if I’ve ever taken a photo in the place I’m currently standing.
  6. I work from home. The hallway commute is relatively light in the mornings.
  7. I wear slippers almost all day long. (see #6 above)
  8. I love a good road trip! My wife and I have easily driven over 3000 miles in a week or two on multiple occasions (although taking it slower is always better).
  9. I once paid a bribe to a policeman in Cancun, Mexico (speeding…ah I don’t think so dude).
  10. I rode an elephant in India.
  11. I’ve been a scuba diver off and on for many years.
  12. I play the drums (badly but it’s fun).
  13. Before starting any major activity I have the habit of pulling my socks up. (Don’t ask me. Luckily my wife thinks it’s cute.)
  14. One of my dogs is a licensed pet therapy dog. The other one’s a black lab with incredible zest for life..(ie. crazy).
  15. We have a creek on our property.
  16. It takes me at least 10 minutes to make a veggie sandwich. I’m a true sandwich artist.
  17. I have a truck camper. Small but effective.
  18. I wear contact lenses.
  19. I once almost sat on a rattlesnake.
  20. I spent many weekends during my formative college years in Tijuana. Which might explain my affinity for tequila.
  21. I didn’t marry until my late 30′s. I wanted to get all the bad relationship decisions out of the way before making a good one.
  22. I’ve climbed on an original and crumbling section of the Great Wall in China.
  23. As a kid I had a paper route and had to go door to door to collect payment. Talk about some weird experiences.
  24. I’m a Pescatarian (Not a weird religion. It means the only meat I eat is fish).
  25. I really want to travel to Vietnam.
  26. My goats think they’re dogs… and I am their leader.
  27. I have fruit trees that never produce fruit.
  28. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Big Mac. Maybe as a kid?
  29. I’ve never had a broken bone or a cavity.
  30. While editing this list I discovered that I’m still a bad speller.



About CrackerClips Stock Media

CrackerClips is a stock media production company owned and operated by Bryan and Wendy Mullennix. Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we specialize in destination and concept based stock footage and stock photos. (What is Stock Footage?)

In today’s world of multimedia 24/7 the market is hungry for video and images to promote, entertain and inform. Our products are available to help individuals, businesses, schools and private organizations get their message across by making the raw materials (professional quality stock footage and images) available for their use.

CrackerClips came into being several years ago as an offshoot of Bryan Mullennix Photography. Using over a decade of stock media production experience, the footage and images presented by CrackerClips strive to provide the quality and production values inherent in the best high end still stock and motion imagery available today. All of our photography and footage is shot using professional quality cameras and production tools. While we have a solid and ever expanding collection of Pacific Northwest stock footage and still imagery, our collection also includes many destinations from throughout North America and around the world.

We would love for you to include our stock footage and photos in your next media project. Whether you need stock media for an advertisement, internet ad, power point presentation, movie, blog, or website CrackerClips can provide you with some cool high definition stock footage and images!  Enjoy your visit and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CrackerClips Stock Media is a division of Mullennix Media, Inc.

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