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It’s official! CrackerClips Stock Footage is adding stock animation to our catalog of royalty free stock footage. Our stock animations are available in many resolutions, from web sizes all the way up to full HD (depending on the distributor). Many of the animations are either loopable (so you can extend the length of the clip in your timeline to meet your needs) and/or contain a black and white alpha channel mask so they can be placed on a different background to give you more creative freedom. A few to start but as always, more to come. Run your cursor over one of the animations above to see it play. Click the thumbnail for additional information or to license.

Update: I’ve found that when animating it is very useful to include a photo object to use as an element or as the basis for a replicator. Finding the right object and then manually removing it from it’s background is tedious and time consuming though. To that end, we’ve created the Photo Objects Collection. It contains over 100 of the most popular pre-cut photo objects for you to use in your projects. Check it out!

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