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South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon



There’s something about a waterfall. The sound of the rushing water, the spray in your face… the way they seem to wash away your cares. “Relaxation” is the word I would use to describe a waterfall. We’ve been to many amazing falls but few are as spectacular as those of the Pacific Northwest. Silver Falls State Park is one of the most beautiful collections of waterfalls anywhere in the world. South Falls (above) is but one of ten waterfalls in the over 9,000 acre park. The park also boasts over 24 miles of walking trails. Some of the falls require a bit of a hike but if you have the chance to visit, you won’t be disappointed.

At over 620ft. Multnomah Falls (below) is the third largest year round waterfall in the United States. The most well known waterfall in Oregon is also the most visited in the state. It’s located in the Columbia River Gorge area near the river. The story is that in 1995 a 400 ton boulder fell hundreds of feet from the face of the falls and fell into the upper pool causing a huge splash of water and debris to wash over the bridge. The resulting injuries, although slight, must have been quite a surprise to the wedding party that just happened to be on the bridge at the time. No doubt about it, the waterfall is a beautiful as it is wild.


Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon



Flowing from the Olympic Mountains the Sol Duc River takes a plunge in Olympic National Park known as the Sol Duc Falls (below). The falls may not be incredibly high but the way the river splits into separate parts before falling is impressive. The name Sol Duc comes from a native american term meaning “sparkling waters”. Considering the amount of annual rainfall in the Olympic Mountains there is never a shortage of sparkling waters.


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Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, Washington